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Our Venue

A special attribute of the Luhrs Center is its scale. The Center’s 1,500-seat theatre expands, by two and one-half times, the number of people who can attend programs and performances on campus. This makes it possible for professional touring companies to visit the campus, bringing the best of the stage to the Center. The artistic facilities and teaching areas of the Center stimulates creativity and, most importantly, addresses the issue of “no space, no place” that has been a problem for decades.

The Luhrs Center includes:

· A choral/instrument rehearsal room

· Four music practice rooms and two piano studios

· A keyboard laboratory, a music library, and a music classroom

· A large practice studio

· A foyer and gallery on the main floor that  welcomes guests to the Luhrs Center

· A “Green Room” for visiting performers

· Three VIP dressing rooms

· Large touring company dressing rooms

· Box office

· 1,500-seat John L. and Cora I. Grove Theatre with no obstructed views

· State of the art sound and light technology

· Food service area

· Banquet and reception space in the Orrstown Bank Lobby (upper level)

About the John L. and Cora I. Grove Theatre

The John L. and Cora I. Grove Theatre is equipped with the latest technological advancements. Advanced stage lighting, sound system, video and projection equipment, all add to the theatre’s state of art technology offering. The Theatre is grand and spacious with a seating capacity of approximately 1,500 tiered seats making it one of the largest in the region. This configuration allows for a range of ticket price to provide affordable entertainment for everyone. Along with the upper balcony, both sides of the theatre include box balcony seating. The gradual slope of the orchestra and balcony seating areas and obstruction-free seating allows for the perfect viewing everywhere in the house. The Theatre’s warm color pallet (maroons, purples, golds, and wood accents) provides a soothing performance environment for both the performers and attendees alike. 

 The back stage area includes VIP dressing rooms, several cast dressing areas, a green room, and security stations. There are also various storage areas for stage equipment and musical instruments. Easy access through the rear stage door allows touring groups to easily and efficiently unload and load materials onto the stage.

The stage and orchestra pit areas are equipped with the latest lighting, sound and stage technologies. The large stage includes the latest rigging devices to provide flawless scene changes. In addition, provisions have been made to accommodate almost any type of act ranging from concert hall performers, speakers, Broadway musicals and dance troupes. The events planned for the Center range from classical and jazz to dance and touring Broadway musicals to comedians and speakers. A full season program has been developed to include a little taste of everything. In addition, the space can also be rented by local performing groups for their own programming. Corporations and organizations are also encouraged to rent the Center for their events.

General Information about Grove Theatre 

John L. and Cora I. Grove History

The main theatre in Luhrs Center, Grove Theatre, was made possible by the generosity of John L. and Cora I. Grove, two very active and loyal Shippensburg University supporters.



The Luhrs Center Circle of Friends helps make all that we do possible. This membership program enables us to nurture an arts-oriented lifestyle in the Cumblerand Valley, and invest in the future of the arts through outreach to students of all ages.

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